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Breaking through barriers to provide exceptional family centered, home based occupational & speech therapy services!

Serving Broward, Miami-Dade, & Palm Beach Counties

Family centered therapy occurs in the child's natural environment, using the natural materials you have in your home.


We empower parents to implement the same strategies & methods we use, so the parent can continue therapy in the home & facilitate progression through developmental milestones. 

We're ready to meet you where you're at, and make progress in areas which are important to both the parent and child.

A holistic way to achieve developmental milestones.

Occupational and Speech therapists evaluate the child as a whole.  This means addressing the underlying issues contributing to developmental delays caused by developmental disabilities, acquired injuries, & neurological conditions.  

Developmental delays affect performance of academic skills, ability to learn, social skills, & self-care skills.

Based on the results of standardized assessments, we determine mutually relevant goals which are important to the parent, child, and therapist.  These goals will structure our plan of care and guide the treatment plan.

Treatment plans are built using a child's occupation.  A child's only "occupation" is to play, learn, and be social with others.  We use this modality to target key areas of development.  During treatment sessions we use targeted tasks and play activities to facilitate achievement of developmental milestones.

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