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Beyond Therapy: A Supportive Play Day for DPT Families

Our new social gatherings to support our families beyond the therapy session.

Developmental Screening Program

Dedicated Pediatric Therapy offers developmental screening programs for local daycares and schools.

Why add a screening program to your school?

Developmental screenings briefly assess fine motor, cognitive, visual motor, self-care, and sensory processing skills.  Using evidence based screening tools, we're able to catch developmental delays & red flags as early as possible.  We know early intervention is key and is the best way to ensure positive outcomes for a child with developmental delays.

After the screening each parent will receive a screening summary with age equivalencies for each measured skill, and recommendations based on our observations. If a child is identified with a developmental delay or condition, we will assist the parent with acquiring appropriate therapy services.

If your school or organization would like to learn more about our developmental screening programs, please contact us to learn more.

Email us to find out more!

In-Service Presentations

Frequently combined with our screening program, we off in-service trainings to your daycare or school staff.

Our in-service presentations teach daycare & school staff members how to identify developmental delays and the role of OT & ST in the early childhood education setting.

If your school or organization would like to learn more about our in-service presentations, please contact us to learn more.

Email us to find out more!

Annual School Supply Donation

DPT continues to donate school supplies each year to the families we serve.

In 2021 we were blessed to have donated 100 back to school baskets!

Community Events

Boca Boating & Beach Bash for People with Disabilities

DPT is delighted to support and attend the nation's largest free, fun event for people with disabilities.

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