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How can we serve you?

Dedicated Pediatric Therapy has a team of exceptional therapists who are dedicated to your child's success! We want to help your child meet and exceed their developmental milestones.

Our company offers home-based occupational & speech therapy services for children ages 0-21years in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties. Therapy sessions are available to take place during school hours, at aftercare, in the home, or via teletherapy- whichever is more convenient for the child and their family.

Diagnoses we specialize in include: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Rett Syndrome, and more.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy uses a holistic approach to treat the core issues affecting developmental delays and disorders.  

Skills we target include: fine motor skills (how a child uses their hands), visual motor skills (how a child uses their eyes during functional tasks), cognitive skills (letter identification, problem solving, reading skills, attention to task, following directions), gross motor skills (sitting, head control, activity tolerance, strength, coordination), sensory processing, and self-care (dressing, feeding, meal preparation, brushing teeth).

These developmental milestones are important to encourage and facilitate independence in everyday activities such as play, school, self-care, and family roles. 

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy includes verbal and non-verbal communication, cognitive skills such as pragmatics, problem solving, social skills,  and oral motor control. 

AAC (Augmentative and alternative communication) devices use low-tech and high-tech solutions to improve communication.  This may be through the use of simple pictures to represent words such as picture-exchange-communication (PECs).   Or, a child may be able to use high-tech solutions such as a tablet/iPad or eye-gaze device to make selections for words/items used to express themselves.  

Oral motor control and strengthening methods are used to improve chewing & swallowing.

We accept several Medicaid insurance plans including:

Children's Medical Services (CMS), Straight Medicaid, Step Up For Students, & private pay


Please note- If we do not currently accept your insurance we may be able to make arrangements to request an out-of-network authorization or a one-time case agreement.

Par​ent testimonials


“Beth and Allison both are great therapists. Love the dedication and passion they put in their career. You can see they are really involved in it. And their first interest is my sons progress. They both listen to parents opinions and doubts. Love having them both on our team"

“I'm very pleased with services. My son is very happy.”

"Allison is awesome!! She is really able to apply her teaching background into her therapy sessions. The combination is perfect!"

“Robin is fantastic, she’s very knowledgeable. Dependable, patient, kind, understanding, caring and very compassionate. We just love her."

“Best therapist in the world. She‘s able to maintain interest for my son + keep me updated with his needs.”

“This is the best OT we’ve had. We’ve learned so many new things by having you! Not just in treatments/exercises but products too! I never knew about the hand straps prior, or using a jelly pad for my daughter's elbow! I truly love how dedicated you are in occupational therapy + are always looking for new ideas + ways to support my daughter + her goals. Thanks for going above + beyond. You’re truly the best!”

“We really like Silvia she is a great therapist. It is challenging working online but she has done a great job. Very satisfied.”

“Our therapist, Trish, is really special. She understands and adjusts to my son's moods, needs and goals. She gears the therapy towards what my son responds to and doesn't come in with a canned, inflexible approach like some therapists do. We are so grateful for her and her approach/services"